Project Zomboid How to Build Walls for Survival

Survival in Project Zomboid hinges on your ability to build walls that withstand the zombie apocalypse. This guide zeroes in on the essentials of “project zomboid how to build walls”: from selecting suitable materials and mastering building techniques to maintaining your defenses. Whether you’re a seasoned survivor or new to the base-building game, you’ll find straightforward advice that gets your fortress standing strong in no time.

Key Takeaways

  • Choosing a strategic base location in Project Zomboid is vital, with factors like water sources, storage space, and multiple entry points playing a key role in survival.
  • Building strong walls, whether wooden for easy construction or metal for increased durability, serves as a critical defense mechanism and allows for base expansion and efficient organization.
  • Improving Carpentry and Metalworking skills is crucial for constructing more durable structures and using resources more effectively, thus enhancing overall survival prospects.

Choosing the Right Location for Your Base

Aerial view of a potential base location with water source and surrounding landscape

Selecting an optimal location for your base in Project Zomboid marks the beginning of your survival journey. Your base is your fortress, your sanctuary, and your storage unit all in one. It’s where you will store valuable materials and tools, and where you will fortify against the zombie hordes. Therefore, choosing the right location requires a keen eye and a strategic mind.

Several factors come into play when deciding on a base location. Here are some important considerations:

  1. Proximity of a water source: This ensures readily available water for drinking, cooking, and farming.
  2. Storage space: It allows you to store and organize all your survival gear, including materials for your wall-building projects.
  3. Entry points: Having multiple entry and exit points can boost your chances of staying safe and escaping when zombies come knocking.

Importance of Walls in Project Zomboid

Illustration comparing wooden and metal walls in Project Zomboid

Walls in Project Zomboid are more than just a physical barrier between you and the relentless undead. They are your first line of defense, hiding you from sight and blocking the way for those pesky zombies. Building walls increases protection, thereby becoming an indispensable element in your survival strategy.

Moreover, walls serve a dual purpose: defense and expansion. Not only do they keep the zombies out, but they also give you space to expand your base for long-term survival in the game. So, whether you are barricading your base or expanding it, knowing how to build and maintain walls can make all the difference between life and death in this post-apocalyptic world.

Wooden Walls vs. Metal Walls

When it comes to building walls in Project Zomboid, you have two main choices: wooden and metal walls. While both serve the same function, they differ in their durability and the resources required to build them.

Metal walls, due to their superior strength and higher health point count compared to wooden walls, are the go-to choice for survivors prioritizing durability. However, they require more resources to build, which can be challenging to gather in the early stages of the game.

On the other hand, wooden walls are easier and quicker to construct, allowing you to fortify your base faster. They might not be as sturdy as metal walls, but they can still hold their own against a zombie horde, especially when supported by a wooden or metal frame.

Creating Obstacles and Storage Units

Walls in Project Zomboid aren’t just about protecting your base from zombies; they can also be used to create obstacles and storage units within your base. By strategically placing walls, you can create a maze-like structure that can slow down or even divert zombies, buying you more time to either escape or dispatch them.

Not only that, but you can also build walls to create storage units. By enclosing a small area with walls and a door, you can create a dedicated storage space to organize your materials and supplies. This way, your base remains clutter-free, and your essential supplies are always within reach.

Developing Carpentry and Metalworking Skills

Building a secure base in Project Zomboid isn’t just about gathering materials and erecting walls; it’s also about developing the necessary skills. Carpentry and Metalworking skills play a vital role in building stronger walls and structures.

While carpentry skills facilitate efficient construction of furniture, walls, and other structures, metalworking skills are indispensable for the construction of robust metal walls. As you level up these skills, you’ll be able to build more durable structures and use resources more efficiently.

Hence, to thrive in this survival game, invest time in refining these important survival projects and skills, as well as other important survival projects.

Leveling Up Carpentry

Leveling up your Carpentry skill in Project Zomboid is a game-changer. It allows you to build structures faster, use resources more efficiently, and lowers the chance of messing up when building things. But how do you go about leveling up this skill?

Choosing Carpenter as your occupation gives you a head start as it provides two extra starting points and a +3 boost to your major carpentry skill. Reading books like Carpentry Vol. 1 can also boost your carpentry skill gains.

Last but not least, practice makes perfect. Building and taking apart non-essential structures, chopping down trees, and turning logs into boards are all great ways to level up your carpentry skill.

Leveling Up Metalworking

Just like Carpentry, the Metalworking skill is another crucial skill to level up in Project Zomboid. It plays a significant role in constructing sturdy metal walls that can fortify your base.

Starting as a Metalworker can speed up your Metalworking skill leveling process. Reading Metalwork Volumes 1 and 2 can also boost your skill gains. Apart from this, you can also level up your Metalworking skill by deconstructing objects like dumpsters, fridges, and lockers. Remember, the more you practice, the better you’ll get at it.

Gathering Tools and Materials for Wall Construction

A collection of essential tools and materials for wall construction

Having selected your base location and improved your Carpentry and Metalworking skills, the next step is to assemble the necessary tools and materials for wall construction. You’ll need:

  • Wood and metal to build both wooden and metal walls
  • A hammer, planks, and nails for wooden walls
  • A hammer, propane torch, welding rods, and welding mask for metal walls

Finding these materials and tools can be a bit of a scavenger hunt. You can usually find them in crates inside warehouses or other storage buildings. Some specific locations known for a high concentration of these resources include the crossroads south of Muldraugh, Lumber Mill, and the Big Warehouse among others. So, gear up and start collecting!

Sourcing Wood and Metal

Procuring wood and metal is a vital aspect of your base-building endeavor in Project Zomboid. Wood can be gathered from chopping down trees and breaking logs into wooden planks with a saw. For a more efficient collection, consider driving to a remote forest with a car that has a big trunk, chop down trees, cut the logs into planks, and then load them into your car.

On the other hand, metal can be a bit trickier to source. You can find metal in warehouses, sheds, and crates. You can also get it by deconstructing certain objects with a higher Carpentry skill level. Remember, the more you gather, the stronger your base will be.

Crafting Tools and Equipment

The creation of tools and equipment represents another significant step towards building your base in Project Zomboid. While some tools like hammers or blowtorches can be found in the game, others can be crafted using the right materials.

For instance, you can make a hammer for carpentry and dismantling, a saw with 5 chipped stones and 2 tree branches, and a wrench using the ‘Cut Wrench’ recipe or by searching for metal. Nails, an essential component in wall construction, can also be made by taking apart different wooden furniture. The number of nails you get depends on your carpentry level and the specific item you dismantle.

So, keep exploring and crafting to ensure you have all the essential tools and equipment you need.

Step-by-Step Guide to Building Walls in Project Zomboid

Step-by-step guide to building walls in Project Zomboid

Now that the basics are clear, let’s delve into the actual process of erecting walls in Project Zomboid. But before you start, keep in mind that your Carpentry level needs to be at least 2 to build the first type of wall. You’ll also need a hammer and nails to start building wooden walls.

So, how do you go about it? The process is quite straightforward. Here’s how:

  1. Start by crafting a frame with two planks and nails.
  2. Once the frame is up, you can reinforce it into a full-fledged wall by adding two more planks and four nails.
  3. And here’s a pro tip: you can strengthen a wall up to 3 times in total to make it super sturdy.

Building Wooden Wall Frames

Building a wooden wall frame in Project Zomboid is the first step towards constructing a wooden wall. Here’s how to build a wooden frame for your wall:

  1. Gather 2 planks and 2 nails.
  2. Use a hammer to click on the ground.
  3. Select ‘Build Wooden Wall Frame’.
  4. Voila, your frame is up!

But a frame alone, whether it’s a metal frame or not, won’t be enough to keep the zombies at bay. To turn it into a wooden wall, you’ll need a hammer, 4 nails, and 2 wooden planks. Right-click on the frame, choose the ‘Upgrade to Wooden Wall Lvl 1’ option, and follow the prompts to complete the process. Remember, you can upgrade a wall 3 times in total to make it sturdier, each time adding 2 extra planks and 4 extra nails.

Constructing Metal Walls

For those who prefer stronger defenses, constructing metal walls is the way to go in Project Zomboid. To start, you’ll need a collection of metal materials like metal bars and metal sheets, as well as:

  • Small Metal Sheet
  • Metal Pipe
  • Scrap Metal
  • Wire

Once you’ve gathered the materials, follow these steps to build a sturdy metal wall:

  1. Equip the propane torch.
  2. Right-click on the ground.
  3. Select ‘Metalwork’.
  4. Select ‘Walls/Fencing’.
  5. Choose ‘Metal Wall Frame’.
  6. Once the frame is up, right-click on it.
  7. Select ‘Create Metal Wall Lv 1/2’.
  8. This will allow you to continue with the construction process.
  9. As long as you have the necessary materials, the option to construct the metal wall will show up in the crafting menu.
  10. And just like that, you’ve built a sturdy metal wall!

Tips for Maintaining and Upgrading Walls

Reinforcing and upgrading walls for increased protection

Erecting walls in Project Zomboid is just the start; their upkeep and enhancement are of equal importance. Walls can get damaged over time, and if not repaired, they can weaken your base’s defense. So, regular maintenance and upgrades are crucial to ensure your base remains strong and secure.

Remember, you can upgrade a wall 3 times in total to make it more durable. Additionally, having a good set of tools is essential for wall maintenance. You’ll need:

  • Hammer
  • Planks
  • Nails
  • Axe
  • Saw
  • Screwdriver

So, keep your tools handy and your walls in top shape!

Repairing Damaged Walls

In Project Zomboid, fixing damaged walls is vital for preserving the structural soundness of your base. Depending on the type of wall, you’ll need different materials to fix them up. For wooden walls, a hammer, some planks, and nails should do the trick. For metal walls, right-click on the wall you’ve built and select ‘Repair’.

Remember, to effectively repair walls, you need to have at least a level 3 in carpentry skills. So, keep an eye on your walls and fix them up as soon as you notice any damage. It’s better to be safe than sorry!

Enhancing Wall Defenses

In Project Zomboid, strengthening your wall defenses involves more than just their maintenance and repair. It involves adding extra layers of security like barricades and traps, and even constructing perimeter walls for obstruction.

Wood or metal reinforcements for doors or windows, plywood boards, and junk walls are some of the options you can consider for fortifying your defenses. For traps, you can set up wooden spike traps and tire barricades around your base. Additionally, placing tree logs against the walls, and even building little towers on corners can also help in making your base more secure.


In the world of Project Zomboid, your base is your sanctuary. Building a strong and secure base not only keeps the zombies out but also gives you a safe space to rest, store your supplies, and strategize your next move. From choosing the right location and building sturdy walls to honing your Carpentry and Metalworking skills, every step is crucial in this survival journey.

Remember, in this post-apocalyptic world, being prepared and adaptable is the key to survival. With the tips and strategies shared in this guide, you are now equipped to build a base that’s not just a shelter, but a fortress against the undead. So, grab your tools, gather your materials, and let’s start building!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you make metal walls in project zomboid?

To make metal walls in Project Zomboid, you need to equip a hammer or a propane torch with a welder mask to build a metal frame, then upgrade it with metal sheets.

What skills do I need to build better walls and structures in Project Zomboid?

To build better walls and structures in Project Zomboid, you’ll need to focus on improving your Carpentry and Metalworking skills. Good luck!

How can I gather a lot of wood quickly in Project Zomboid?

To gather a lot of wood quickly in Project Zomboid, drive to a remote forest with a car that has a large trunk, chop down trees, cut the logs into planks, and load them into your car. Happy scavenging!

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