How to Get Planks Project Zomboid

Need planks in Project Zomboid? This guide on how to get planks Project Zomboid cuts straight to the chase, ensuring your survival and progress in the game. From looting strategies to sustainable crafting and strategic dismantling, you’ll find the essentials laid out with no fluff. Get ready to fortify your stronghold with the tips ahead.

Key Takeaways

  • Planks in Project Zomboid can be scavenged from various sources such as warehouses, residential buildings, and commercial structures, emphasizing the importance of safe looting tactics, warehousing identification signs, and using the correct tools for extracting planks.
  • Crafting wooden planks from logs through logging operations, sawmill use, and improving carpentry skills is a vital self-sufficient alternative to looting, requiring strategic tree selection, proper sawing tools, and careful timber cutting techniques.
  • Furniture and other objects can be dismantled to obtain planks, involving strategic salvage and employing appropriate tools like crowbars and screwdrivers, while stressing the importance of safety during the dismantling process.

Scouting for Planks: Looting as a Resource

Various wooden planks found in different locations

The art of survival in Project Zomboid is not just about battling the undead; it’s about utilizing every resource at your disposal. In this vein, looting serves as a primary method for securing wooden planks. Scavenging through abandoned buildings and deserted settlements can yield a bountiful supply of planks, but the key lies in knowing where to look.

The world of Project Zomboid is replete with potential plank resources. From the garages and lumber mills of Rosewood to the warehouses of West Point, planks await the eagle-eyed survivor. But remember, the art of looting is not just about the destination but also the journey. Safety measures, preparedness, and strategic planning form the pillars of successful looting missions.

Warehouses and Storage Facilities

Warehouses and storage facilities often turn out to be a jackpot for wooden planks. These structures, especially those specializing in construction materials, are often abundant with planks, waiting to be discovered by the keen survivor. But how does one identify a warehouse that might house wooden planks? Look for signs indicating the type of materials stored in the facility, such as:

  • “Lumber”
  • “Building materials”
  • “Wood products”
  • “Timber”
  • “Plywood”

These signs are a good indication that the warehouse may have wooden planks and crates available, so it might be a good idea to look for a sign directing you to the right area.

Venturing into these warehouses is not without risk. Safety is paramount when navigating these often sprawling and complex structures. Safe looting encompasses organized operations, hazard prevention, and appropriate material handling. And let’s not forget the potential legal ramifications of removing planks without permission. Beware, in the Project Zomboid universe, zombies are not your only concern.

Residential Havens

Residential areas too, hold potential treasure for those hunting for planks. Houses in these zones often have outbuildings such as sheds and garages that house hidden stashes of planks. But remember, safety is fundamental. Enhancing the security of these structures, maintaining proper access control, and taking preventive measures against potential threats are crucial steps towards a successful loot.

Extracting planks from residential structures requires a careful and considered approach. The best practice is to meticulously extract any nails, this enables plank removal without inflicting damage to the surrounding area. After all, a good survivor respects their environment, even in the face of apocalypse.

Commercial Constructions

Commercial constructions also provide opportunities for plank collection. Structures employing plank and beam construction or those featuring vinyl plank flooring could be rich sources of this valuable resource. But, as with all looting missions, safety is a priority. Adhering to safety protocols such as wearing protective gear, maintaining distance from heavy equipment, and avoiding hazardous areas is crucial.

Extracting planks from commercial buildings requires a specific set of tools. Some tools that could come in handy during your looting mission are:

  • Adhesive trowel
  • Flat bar
  • Chop/miter saw
  • Floor scraper
  • Pneumatic nailer
  • Pry bar
  • Tape measure

Careful planning, appropriate tool usage, and safety measures are your keys to successfully looting commercial constructions.

Crafting Your Own: From Log to Plank

Crafting planks from logs in Project Zomboid

While looting offers an efficient means of gathering planks, nothing beats the sense of accomplishment that comes from crafting your own. The transformation from log to plank requires a keen understanding of logging operations, lumber mill strategies, and carpentry skills.

The transition from a towering tree to a neatly sawn plank involves multiple steps. It begins with an axe and a sturdy tree, from which logs are harvested. These logs, whether they are sawn timber, plain sawn, or live sawn, are then ready to be transformed into planks. Let’s delve deeper into this transformation process.

Logging Operations

Logging, the initial step in plank production, transforms standing trees into cut logs ready for transportation. The selection of trees for logging is a strategic process. When it comes to producing planks, spruce and fir make excellent choices, while hardwoods such as oak, hickory, birch, and cherry also offer lucrative options for lumber production.

Felling a tree, however, is not a task to be taken lightly. Proper safety measures must be followed to ensure a controlled fall. By carefully planning the cut and using tools like choker chains, you can control the direction of the tree fall. Safety, precision, and control are the cornerstones of effective logging operations.

Sawmill Strategies

Once you have your logs, the next step is transforming them into usable planks. The sawmill is your best friend in this process. When operated with a 100% Automaton, the Steam sawmill can generate a whopping 270 wood per day.

The process of sawing logs into planks is both rewarding and a practical way to enhance your carpentry skills. However, having the right tools for the job is crucial. Circular saws, miter saws, and bow cut saws are the recommended tools for this task, offering efficiency and precision.

Carpentry Skills

Creating your own planks involves more than just physical labor; it’s about refining your carpentry skills. Developing your carpentry skills is essential for increasing plank yield and optimizing your overall efficiency.

The process of cutting planks requires a certain set of skills, including accurate measuring, setting out the cuts, and proficiency in cutting straight. With the right woodworking techniques such as using a scrub plane for deep cuts and being mindful of the wood’s moisture content, you can enhance your plank production significantly.

Remember, every plank you craft is not just a resource; it’s a testament to your perseverance and skill.

Dismantling for Resources: Furniture and More

Dismantling furniture to obtain wooden planks

Plank collection involves more than just looting and crafting; furniture and other objects can be dismantled for this essential resource. From large oak beds to simple chairs and tables, many household items can be transformed into valuable planks. It’s all about knowing what to look for and how to dismantle it efficiently.

But dismantling isn’t just about breaking things apart; it’s about strategic salvage. Understanding what tools to use, how to use them, and the best methods for extracting planks are key to efficient dismantling.

Domestic Disassembly

Your own home, especially domestic furniture, can be a rich source of resources. Old barn wood, pallets, salvaged lumber, and even discarded pieces such as tabletops and headboards can all be transformed into valuable planks. But remember, disassembly is a careful process. Utilizing the right tools such as pliers, screwdrivers, adjustable wrenches, and rubber mallets is critical to efficient disassembly.

When it comes to disassembling furniture for planks, every piece counts. That’s why it’s important to follow safety measures and use the right tools to ensure that you extract the maximum number of planks without causing damage. In the survival world of Project Zomboid, every plank counts!

Strategic Salvage

Aside from domestic disassembly, other structures too present opportunities for plank extraction. Doors, shelves, and even walls can be dismantled to gather useful planks. The key here is to be strategic and efficient. Employing methods such as split-sawing doors or disassembling shelves with a hammer and saw can make the process more efficient.

Extracting planks from these structures requires careful planning and organization. Efficient storage solutions such as planks of wood set on cement blocks or repurposed wood pallets can help you keep your resources well-organized and easily accessible. In the end, strategic salvage is all about making the most out of every resource at your disposal.

Tool Talk

When it comes to dismantling for resources, your tools are your best allies. Using the right tools can significantly impact the number of materials you obtain from dismantling. Some essential tools for dismantling include:

  • Crowbars
  • Hammers
  • Screwdrivers
  • Pliers
  • Wrenches

The choice of tool can greatly affect your dismantling efficiency.

But as with any task in a survival situation, safety is paramount. When using a hammer for dismantling, following safety precautions such as wearing safety glasses, choosing the appropriate hammer for the task, and maintaining proper footing can prevent accidents and injuries. Remember, your safety is just as important as securing resources.

Staying Stocked: Inventory Management and Storage Tips

Effective plank inventory management and storage tips

Collecting planks is just one part of the challenge; inventory management and proper plank storage are equally vital. The optimal conditions for long-term storage involve:

  • Stacking planks horizontally
  • Using separate layers of boards supported by small, dry 1 x 1 pieces
  • Ensuring adequate air circulation
  • Preventing warping or decay

But even the best storage conditions can’t prevent all deterioration. That’s why it’s important to take preventative measures such as keeping planks in a dry place, away from moisture which can lead to rot and decay. With proper inventory management and storage techniques, you can ensure that your planks stay in top condition for when you need them most.

Inventory Insights

Organization and prioritization are key to managing your plank inventory. Keeping essential items like:

  • logs
  • wooden planks
  • coal
  • a crafting table

Having an organized inventory at all times can help you stay prepared for any situation. But remember, managing space and taking into account the risk of overloading your inventory is just as important.

Organizing your planks for convenient access is another crucial aspect of inventory management. Using storage racks or shelves can help you keep your planks organized and easy to find. By prioritizing and organizing your plank inventory, you can ensure that you’re always ready to fortify, build, or craft whenever you need to.

Safe House Stockpiling

In the world of Project Zomboid, your safe house is your sanctuary. It’s where you rest, recuperate, and most importantly, stockpile your resources. Storing planks in your safe house involves careful planning and organization. Whether you’re stacking them horizontally to maintain their shape or storing them vertically to save space, it’s important to ensure your planks are stored in a way that prevents water damage and warping.

Organizing your planks for convenient access in your stockpile can be achieved through various methods. Using storage racks or shelves, especially wall-mounted racks with a vertical pivot, can enhance organization and facilitate the identification of required planks. With the right storage solutions and organizational strategies, your safe house can be a well-stocked haven in the midst of the apocalypse.

Safety Measures: Securing Planks Without Risk

Securing planks without risk in Project Zomboid

In the demanding universe of Project Zomboid, safety holds supreme importance. Whether you’re looting, crafting, or dismantling, ensuring your safety is just as important as gathering resources. That’s why it’s important to employ strategies that allow you to collect planks without risking your safety. Here are some strategies to consider:

  • Quiet collection: Gather planks during the day when zombies are less active and less likely to detect you.
  • Defensive looting: Clear out an area before collecting planks to minimize the risk of encountering zombies.
  • Tactical timing: Plan your plank collection during periods of low zombie activity, such as during rain or at night.

Each strategy plays a vital role in your survival journey.

Guaranteeing safety while gathering resources involves several aspects. It involves:

  • wearing personal protective equipment
  • maintaining awareness of your surroundings
  • using proper lifting techniques
  • communicating effectively with your team

So, let’s dive into these strategies and explore how you can secure planks without risk.

Quiet Collection

In the eerie silence of the post-apocalyptic world, every sound can be a potential alarm bell. That’s why employing stealthy methods to gather planks can be a life-saving strategy. Minimizing noise during the collection of planks can be achieved by utilizing materials with acoustic properties and implementing sound-dampening measures.

The right tools and clothing can also enhance your stealth during resource collection. Here are some tips:

  • Wear lightweight, noise-minimizing clothing
  • Use silent tools
  • Choose the early morning or late evening hours, when ambient noise is reduced, for quiet collection

These strategies can make your movements virtually undetectable.

Defensive Looting

Looting can be a risky business, especially in a world overrun by the undead. That’s why employing defensive strategies while looting is crucial. Equipping yourself with self-defense weapons, protective gear, and tools for breaking into locked areas can significantly increase your safety during looting missions.

Managing and evading threats during a looting mission is all about strategic planning. Here are some key steps to follow:

  1. Identify a secure building to enter.
  2. Utilize doors to impede threats and create barriers.
  3. Ensure there are predetermined escape routes in case of emergency.

Following these steps can greatly enhance your safety during looting missions.

Timing and Tactics

In the world of Project Zomboid, timing is everything. Whether you’re looting a warehouse or chopping down a tree, the time of day can significantly impact your safety and success. Effective timing strategies, such as using ropes to bind logs into stacks for easy hauling or combining logs into a stack before sawing them into planks, can greatly enhance your efficiency.

Strategic decisions, such as reinforcing weapons with nails or selecting a cleared building for looting, can also greatly impact your plank gathering missions. Remember, in the world of Project Zomboid, every second counts, and every plank matters.


In the harrowing landscape of Project Zomboid, every plank is a beacon of hope. Whether you’re looting, crafting, dismantling, or storing, each plank you gather is a stepping stone towards survival. From the quiet collection and strategic salvage to efficient inventory management and defensive looting, every strategy plays a crucial role in your survival journey. Remember, in the world of Project Zomboid, it’s not just about surviving; it’s about thriving.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many planks can you get from a log in project zomboid?

In Project Zomboid, you can obtain three wooden planks from one log by using a saw, which is crucial for carpentry. Additionally, logs can be used to construct log walls without the need for nails or a saw.

What are the typical locations to search for wood planks during looting expeditions in Project Zomboid?

You can typically find wood planks in garages, lumber mills, and warehouses during looting expeditions in Project Zomboid. Trees and doors can also be a source if you have a saw or crowbar.

What equipment is necessary to acquire logs for plank making in Project Zomboid?

You’ll need an axe for cutting down trees and acquiring logs in Project Zomboid. This is essential for plank making.

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