Project Zomboid: How to Tow Cars Efficiently

Discover “Project Zomboid how to tow cars” with this step-by-step guide. You’ll learn to attach and transport vehicles, ensuring your survival and mobility in the game. Get the straightforward details you need for successful towing.

Key Takeaways

  • Pick the right vehicle for towing based on size and storage needs, attaching them via the ‘V’ key and selecting ‘Attach’ from the radial menu.
  • Proper positioning between vehicles is key for successful towing. Detaching is just as straightforward as attaching—use the radial menu and select ‘Detach’, ensuring you’re safe from zombies and the vehicle is in neutral with the parking brake off.
  • Trailers provide additional storage and are easy to attach/detach. Keep in mind towing affects vehicle speed and handling, so manage your speed, tire pressure, and parking locations carefully.

Essential Towing Tips for Project Zomboid

Two cars parked in a zombie-infested parking lot

Towing in Project Zomboid isn’t just a cool trick, it’s a lifesaver! From covering long distances to hauling heavy stuff, towed vehicles can even become mobile bases, making survival a tad easier. Most vehicles can be used for towing, but their capabilities vary. You can find suitable towing vehicles in parking lots, residential house garages, or along highways.

Wondering about the secret to effective towing? It’s a combination of selecting the appropriate vehicle and achieving the right positioning.

Choosing the Right Vehicles

When it comes to towing in Project Zomboid, size matters. Larger vehicles, like pickup trucks, are ideal for this task due to their greater weight capacity. You’ve got 14 different vehicle models to choose from, each with its unique specifications. So, whether it’s your first car or your tenth, it pays to be picky.

Setting this up is straightforward. Simply approach the rear of your chosen vehicle, press the ‘V’ key to open the vehicle radial menu, and select the ‘Attach’ option. You’ll soon master the art of towing!

Positioning Your Vehicles

Next, we consider vehicle alignment. Proper alignment of vehicles is a prerequisite for successful towing. This applies to most smaller cars and other types of tow vehicles. The best spot to position your tow cars for towing is where there’s enough room to walk between them and stand behind the towing vehicle.

After getting the vehicles in place, walk between them, face either one, press ‘V’ to open the radial menu, and hit the tow button. With that, you’re all set to drive the towing vehicle away, towing your extra load with you.

Connecting and Disconnecting Vehicles

Connecting vehicles for towing in Project Zomboid

While connecting and disconnecting vehicles in Project Zomboid may initially appear challenging, it becomes second nature with practice, in the same way as other in-game tasks. All it requires is a careful approach, a few keystrokes, and a keen eye for your surroundings.

Attaching Vehicles for Towing

When attaching a vehicle for towing, follow these steps:

  1. Maneuver another vehicle to the front or rear of your intended tow.
  2. Position yourself between the two vehicles, face either one.
  3. Press ‘V’ to open the radial menu.
  4. Select the plus sign. This readies your vehicle for towing!

Remember to be mindful of your surroundings. Check for any lurking zombies and clear any obstacles before initiating the towing process. You don’t want any unexpected guests ruining your day or forcing you to stop towing!

Detaching Towed Vehicles

Detaching towed vehicles is as simple as attaching them. To detach the vehicle, simply walk to the back of the car and hold the ‘V’ key to open the radial vehicle menu. Then, choose the ‘Detach’ option. Easy as pie!

But before you rush to unhook that vehicle, there are a few things to keep in mind. Ensure that you release the parking brake and put the vehicle into Neutral gear. This prevents the vehicle from suddenly moving around once detached. Also, always keep an eye out for any zombies nearby. Safety first!

Towing Trailers and Extra Storage

Towing trailers for additional storage in Project Zomboid

Ever wished for more storage space during your scavenging runs? Towing trailers in Project Zomboid might just be the answer to your prayers! These handy add-ons can significantly boost your storage and looting abilities.

Types of Trailers

There are two types of trailers available in Project Zomboid. The unpowered utility vehicle, aptly named the ‘Trailer,’ can be hooked up to any vehicle, providing additional storage space for your loot.

Each trailer in Project Zomboid gives you 100 more storage units. That’s a lot of extra room for all your scavenged supplies! So, the next time you spot a trailer during your travels, don’t hesitate to hook it up and make the most of the additional storage.

Attaching and Detaching Trailers

Attaching a trailer in Project Zomboid is a simple process. To attach the trailer, simply reverse towards it and press the ‘V’ key to open the menu. Then, choose the option to attach the trailer..

When it comes to detaching, the process is just as straightforward. Hit the ‘V’ key, find the ‘Detach’ option in the pop-up menu, and there you have it! Your trailer is successfully detached. Remember to keep these tips in mind the next time you’re hauling a trailer around in Project Zomboid.

Navigating the Zombie Apocalypse with Towed Vehicles

Navigating the zombie apocalypse with towed vehicles

Having prepared your vehicle for towing, the question arises – how do you traverse the challenging landscape of Project Zomboid with your towed vehicle or trailer? Here are some vital suggestions for a hassle-free journey.

Speed and Handling Considerations

Towing a vehicle or trailer in Project Zomboid can influence your speed and handling abilities. You might find that your vehicle is slower, especially when driving off-road. However, sticking to first gear can help maintain a steady speed while towing.

Tire pressure also plays a significant role in your towing experience. If your tires are pumped to 35, you’ll achieve the best speed for both the towing and towed vehicles. Additionally, the weight of the towed vehicle also affects its speed. So, keep these factors in mind for a smooth towing experience.

Parking and Storing Towed Vehicles

Identifying a secure location to park your towed vehicle or trailer is of paramount importance in Project Zomboid. Consider parking in places like parking lots, near your base, or in safe structures with storage options. These spots offer quick access and protection from zombies.

But parking isn’t just about finding a spot and leaving your vehicle there. Various factors such as the engine’s status, quality, horsepower, and the condition of brakes and tires can affect your vehicle’s safety. So, ensure these parts are in good condition before parking your vehicle.

Troubleshooting Common Towing Issues

Dealing with low fuel and engine problems while towing vehicles

Despite having this comprehensive guide, you may encounter common towing problems in Project Zomboid. Fear not! We’re here to assist you in resolving these challenges.

Low Fuel and Engine Problems

Running low on fuel while towing is a common issue in Project Zomboid. To solve this, you can:

  • Siphon gas from another car
  • Find a functional fuel pump
  • If the power has been shut off, placing a generator nearby can power the entire gas station, allowing you to refill your vehicle.

Engine problems are another common issue when towing. These problems can range from the vehicle feeling weak when driving, especially off-road, to the car not starting at all if the engine is in bad shape. To fix this, make sure your engine is in good condition and has enough gas. Using vehicles with more engine power can also improve your towing experience.

Multiplayer Considerations

Multiplayer games of Project Zomboid present unique towing challenges, from a tug-o-war between the player inside the towed vehicle and the one towing, to slow towing speed, and even unexpected trailer detachment.

To tow smoothly in multiplayer mode, follow these steps:

  1. Disengage the parking brake and put the vehicle into Neutral gear.
  2. Stick to the roads and avoid grassy areas.
  3. Make as few turns as possible.
  4. Use the ‘Tow’ button to start towing.

Remember, teamwork makes the dream work!


We’ve covered a lot of ground today, from choosing and positioning your vehicles to navigating through the zombie-infested world of Project Zomboid with your towed vehicle or trailer. Remember, practice makes perfect. So, get out there, start towing, and make the most of your survival experience!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you tow a car with another car?

The best and safest way to tow a car with another car is to use a car hauling trailer, where all four wheels of the towed vehicle sit on the trailer and can be secured with straps and/or chains. Avoid towing with just a rope or strap, as it can be dangerous.

How do you use the tow bar in project zomboid?

Simply back the vehicle up close to the one you want to tow, then walk through the area between the cars. This works whether you choose the front or rear. Try it out!

How do I choose the right vehicle for towing in Project Zomboid?

Choose a pickup truck for towing in Project Zomboid because of its greater weight capacity. The vanilla game has 14 vehicle models to select from.

How do I attach and detach vehicles for towing?

When you want to attach a vehicle for towing, press the ‘V’ key to open the radial menu and select the plus sign. To detach, open the radial menu again and choose the ‘Detach’ option. Have fun towing!

How can I increase my storage space in Project Zomboid?

You can increase your storage space in Project Zomboid by towing trailers, which are available in two types and can be attached to any vehicle. Happy scavenging!

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